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Preparation of the three times he cyclodextrin inclusion: liquid - liquid method gas - liquid method

2020-01-18 17:18:33 Xinda Biotechinology Read

Is the volatile oil or aromatic compounds containing steam or condensate directly into β-CD solution, and inclusion, filtered, dried and the resulting clathrate.
This method avoids the need to separate the first volatile oil extraction process, reduce losses, the process is simplified. In particular the extraction process with β-CD inclusion process of volatile oil into a continuous whole, both time efficient and more suitable for the actual production needs, the preparation of inclusion complexes provide a new way of thinking.
This legal clathrate prepare for the general use of water as a solvent. But also that adding a certain percentage of alcohol in water can increase the rate of inclusion, such as the use of 35% isopropanol and 40% ethanol. Another also directly extract liquid inclusion, such as the use of cold granules consistent yellow extract with β-CD direct inclusion into granules cooperation with both play package, good taste, and less sugar, but also for the sugar-free formulation research and development of a new process.

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