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Preparation of times he cyclodextrin inclusion compound II: polishing

2020-01-18 17:17:16 Xinda Biotechinology Read

The times he cyclodextrin (β-CD) and volatile oil after the addition of a sufficient amount of water, by vigorous stirring or grinding, so that the two form a paste, drying the resulting clathrate. Since the grinding operation manual, time-consuming, is suitable only for small amounts of conduct, not suitable for industrial production.

     So there is a colloid mill, β-CD inclusion complex was prepared using a colloid mill method, the more grinding or rapid mixing method is rapid, simple, and also more suitable for industrial production, volatile oil utilization is higher. Effect of inclusion complexes prepared colloid mill oil utilization factors are the inclusion time, solvent alcohol content (%), oil: the ratio of β-CD. When prepared as cinnamon oil inclusion complex of three factors in the optimum conditions for 15min, 20% ethanol solvent oil: β-CD = 1: 10.

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