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Anti-cyclodextrin effect of evaporation, oxidation resistance, light and heat decomposition

2020-01-18 17:16:31 Xinda Biotechinology Read

Food flavoring prone to volatile or vulnerable to air, sunlight and oxidation losses during processing and storage, such as cinnamon oil, citronella oil, peppermint oil, vanillin and the like. After the use of cyclodextrin and these highly volatile aroma components form inclusion complexes, can significantly slow down the volatility and oxidation resistance, long-term storage, and very easy to use; if mixed with animal fat or vegetable oil, is able to remain stable at high temperatures It can be used in baked goods and canned food. In the manufacturing process and storage of solid instant beverage, the original flavor often easy to lose formulated with a certain amount of cyclodextrin can long maintain its flavor.

    Case edible rose essence, rose essence has pure scent of roses can be used for high temperature made sweets and biscuits flavored. And because of the volatile fragrance of roses, it is limited in application. By the cyclodextrin microencapsulated fragrance, flavor can be converted into liquid non-solid ink significantly improved sustained release, call the essence volatile fast, short-term insurance incense shortcomings.

    Weigh a certain amount of rose essence, distilled water, after adding an appropriate amount of an emulsifier and fast homogeneous emulsion, and then slowly added to the heated molten β- cyclodextrin solution and stirring was continued for some time, it will be the formation of microcapsules from the solution precipitated. Then separated and dried, to obtain the fixation of the fragrance microcapsule. Ideal embedding parameters are: quality rose essence cyclodextrin ratio of 3:10, embedded temperature of 50 ℃, cyclodextrin early mass fraction of 15% solution.

    With thermal analysis of inclusion complex flavors were measured, informed embedding clathrate 79% by weight loss methods, and demonstrate good flavor inclusion complex sustained release.

    Garlic oil is an important food seasoning, but also anti-cardiovascular disease drugs, but it is easily oxidized in case of oxygen. After the garlic oil made of cyclodextrin inclusion complex, the oxidation stability improved significantly. For example, injectable garlic oil with hydroxypropyl -β- cyclodextrin (HP-β-CD) embedding, and then freeze-drying method to prepare freeze-dried powder of garlic oil, the formulation a certain extent, solve the garlic oil solubility low irritation, poor stability, garlic oil on the research and development of injectable formulations of great value.

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