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Cyclodextrin What role do

2020-01-18 17:15:37 Xinda Biotechinology Read

Cyclodextrin role:

1. cyclodextrin inclusion is due to internal voids, various organic molecules can be inhaled them. Since the inclusion bodies and the inclusion body with a variety of mutual gravitational pull is still difficult to separate inclusion body again after being out of inclusion. Cyclodextrins are nanoscale capsules, also known as the world's smallest capsules.

2. sustained action by the cyclodextrin inclusion body inside, not fixed, under certain conditions, will gradually be released. Molecular process a little release, we call him "sustained." Sustained process of water is necessary. For example, cyclodextrins can be spicy and flavor, and so the active ingredients inclusion, and then slowly released, so the flavor can be stored for a long time and use.

3. The effect of some of the UV stability, heat sensitive unstable substance can be achieved through the inclusion of stability. That is, the cyclodextrin those ultraviolet light, heat-sensitive, easily decomposed substance by water inclusion wherein the active ingredient can be stabilized to prevent deterioration and improve storage stability.

4. Increase in the utilization of biological substances, many of the active ingredient molecules are packed together, since cyclodextrin capsule diameter is 1 nm or less, when the inclusion of active ingredients, can effectively cut off the attractive forces between molecules to realization of the particles after the particles of the active ingredient, the active ingredient can be improved absorbency and sustained in our bodies, improve the utilization of the biology.

5. viscosity regulation for inclusion high viscosity material, to cut off the cohesion between molecules, to reduce the viscosity effect.

6. deodorizing effect on odor and bitter taste of cyclodextrin inclusion after, you can reduce odor and bitter taste perception, improve our taste and smell.

7. The anti-humidity action for easy deliquescence in the air, by Cyclodextrin and inhibit moisture absorption and deliquescence, to prevent moisture effect.

8. powdered by the action of an inclusion, to be unstable gases (such as carbon dioxide) and a liquid (such as oil, perfume) into a stable state of powder, to facilitate the use of a variety.

9. dissolution For some substances insoluble in water, can dissolve substances through inclusion, especially for those oily substances insoluble in water, since the so-called capsule cyclodextrin inclusion, the inside of the capsule and lipophilic capsule outer hydrophilic, water-like substance can be dissolved in water dispersion, which is dissolution.

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