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Cyclodextrins in cosmetics applications

2020-01-18 17:14:53 Xinda Biotechinology Read

1, anti-aging

    Anti-aging care is an important part of the field of beauty, but a very important active substances, such as lipophilic vitamin series (for example vitamin A), on air, temperature and light sensitive. After cyclodextrin inclusion complex of anti-aging active ingredient, the effect is much better than other ordinary cosmetics. Cyclodextrin technology is already quite mature, you can customize a variety of basic cyclodextrin and their chemical modifications of the solutions according to different needs.

    Vitamin A is an important ingredient to stimulate cell growth, but its ultraviolet light, heat, and is very sensitive to atmospheric oxidation, it needs to be effective protection, so add it into cosmetic formulations when they could have a relatively long shelf life, such protection must be skin moisture triggers the release, and does not produce harmful substances. In this complex, the ratio of vitamin A cyclodextrin molecule is l: 2. It has been confirmed: γ-cyclodextrin best suited for inclusion of vitamin A, which are the three largest aperture cyclodextrin. β-cyclodextrin inclusion can also vitamin A, vitamin A, but it can not play a good role in the protection of the atmospheric oxidation and light.

    Vitamin E is a free radical scavenger, and free radicals are a by-product produced during cellular metabolism, which leads to great harm skin cells. Vitamin E make the skin smooth and delicate and can improve the skin, promote metabolism, can also increase the moisture level of the skin and can irritate the skin cell repair. With Y or β-cyclodextrin and vitamin E to l: 2 molar ratio by physically mixing into a clathrate. Compared with no complex vitamin E, it increases the stability of inclusion complexes, enhanced UV and temperature of the ability to fight.

2, acne

    Tea tree oil has the role of disinfection, its main ingredient is a 4 pine oil alcohol. The times he cyclodextrin tea tree oil complex is suitable for cleansing the skin and acne treatment, showing good stability. Tea tree oil complex to prevent evaporation of the active substance, the active ingredient in this volatile, because trigger the release of body temperature and skin moisture and penetrate the skin. Further cyclodextrins can alter the performance of the product in the tea tree oil, masking unpleasant odor. After tea tree oil contains a strong impact and damage cosmetics herbal flavor aroma and slight resin taste, but it cyclodextrin inclusion into the microcapsules used in the lipophilic cosmetic formulations such as lipsticks, these bad smell was covered up. Tea tree oil is merit inclusion complex applied to clean skin, acne treatment without side effects.

    Salicylic acid is the main role of antimicrobial and soften cuticles, salicylic acid or a derivative of low solubility in water, soluble cyclodextrin complexes good. Using cyclodextrin inclusion technology allows the uniformity of the product more desirable to avoid possible irritation caused by acid free.

    Chamomile extract or chamomile oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and wound healing. Formulated with chamomile oil is often found steady stability, oxygen, light, heat or acid role, composition may appear great changes, and have a strong odor. After the complex is formed with a cyclodextrin tasteless, light blue clathrate powder and anti-inflammatory activity is not affected.

3, whitening

    Kojic acid has a significant inhibitory effect of tyrosinase, but sensitive to light and heat, decomposition into brown, cyclodextrin inclusion complex stability, enhanced skin whitening effect. Although hydroquinone is banned substances, in an aqueous formulation, hydroquinone can only remain stable within a certain range of PH, usually you need to add the appropriate stabilizer prescription, and cyclodextrin inclusion can prevent the oxidation of hydroquinone, stability of the product is better, stronger and decolorization.

4, mask odors

    Mercapto compound is the main component of cold hot liquid, pungent odor emitted use, adds spice to the recipe can partially mask the smell. Other hair products also can be effective ingredients cyclodextrin inclusion.

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