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Cyclodextrin (β-cyclodextrin called β-CD) The main purpose

2020-01-18 17:13:15 Xinda Biotechinology Read

Cyclodextrin (β-cyclodextrin called β-CD) is a starch by acid hydrolysis cyclization product. It can envelope a variety of molecular compounds, increase the heat to light, oxygen stability is inclusion complexes, alter the physicochemical properties of the envelope material.
β- cyclodextrin, also known as ring maltoheptaose, ring seven dextrin, called β-CD, is composed of seven glucose residues with β-1,4- glycosidic bonds of starch after microbial enzyme extract made binding ring configuration, molecular weight 1135. It can be used with a variety of compounds formed inclusion complexes, stabilized, solubilization, slow-release, emulsification, anti-oxidation, anti-decomposition, heat, moisture, and has the effect of masking the odor, etc., for the new molecular wrapping material.
β - cyclodextrin in medicine applications:
1. β-CD prevents volatile nitroglycerin, borneol, naphthalene and other drugs; prevent chloramphenicol, vitamins, amino acids and other hormonal drugs oxidation, light deterioration and heat damage, improve the stability of the drug.
2. β-CD-insoluble drugs can improve the water-soluble; β-CD can hydroxamic digoxigenin solubility increased by 200 times, after serving facilitate uptake, improve bioavailability.
3. β-CD can reduce wintermine, benzene diamine weeds and other side effects, the drug was removed in a bitter taste.
4. β-CD can play a role in immunity-inducing agent, and inhibit the proliferation of HIV. New plant growth regulators and pesticides increase
5.β-CD regulating plant hormones can increase the biological effect, can make premature fruit, increase sugar, increased pigment production doubled.
6. β-CD can increase light and heat decomposition, volatile pesticide stability, improving medicinal effect, reduce pesticide pollution to the surrounding atmosphere.

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