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Food additives β- cyclodextrin

2020-01-18 17:08:18 Xinda Biotechinology Read

1. Eliminate food odor and bitter taste. Raw fish, salted fish or processed seafood, lamb, processed dairy products, soybeans treated with β-CD, to receive a particularly significant effect, adding β-CD0.5% ~ 2% in the processing of fish, meat, energy significantly reduce the effect of smell, especially in the processing of new Japanese fish feed, add β-CD effect is remarkable.
2. Prevent volatile flavors and fragrances, anti-oxidation, light and heat decomposition. Food flavors, spicy fragrance materials, volatile aromatic oils to lose the unique flavor, reduce product quality. Menthol with β-CD inclusion in heating food manufacturers can reduce losses, for example confectionery sugar 1 million copies heated to 160 ℃, added part-CD10 β, 100 parts of a mixture of 10 parts of menthol and water, reheated to 180 ℃ and concentrated by a conventional method into clear, hard fructose, menthol loss is minimal.
3. Protection pigments. Pigments used as a food coloring agent, no other factors affecting the discoloration problem does not exist, but the light, heat, acid, alkali and affected by instability, with β-CD can be well embedded β- carotene, safflower pigment, Mora Adams pigment, riboflavin and other quinone pigments.
4. For health food. Garlic and onion juice has played strong pungent odor, then stability can only β-CD package, reducing irritation. Viper is nourishing the physical items used in ancient and modern, but there are specific odor, the use of β-CD can be made odorless powder or granular products.
5. Processed fruits. Beverage can be due to long-term storage of a white precipitate, thereby reducing the commercial value, was added β-CD, prevents precipitate. Production of grapefruit juice, orange juice, due to the benevolence of which have a bitter taste, it can only be squeezed to a certain extent, was added β-CD can reduce bitterness, increase the rate of juice.
6. Other quality improvements. Vitamin supplements as a food additive in food susceptible to heat damage in baking with a β-CD inclusion complexes are relatively stable. Japanese natto flavor is not strong, β-CD and sour grapes, flavored natto products increased added during manufacture. The pharmaceutical industry has a great variety of drugs bitterness, β-CD can be used to suppress the bitter taste of the drug to alleviate the discomfort of oral administration. Therefore, β-CD is used extensively for pharmaceutical manufacturing.
In short, food additives β-CD, will be increasingly favored by the majority of processing enterprises, especially the inclusion of a special nature that it can be widely used, it will become the food industry and new economic growth point of the pharmaceutical industry, also produced enormous economic and social benefits, and promote the rapid development of the food additives industry.

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