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Betacyclodextrin storage should take what way?

2020-01-18 16:57:35 Xinda Biotechinology Read

About Betacyclodextrin we do not know much, but everyone is very familiar with the food additives mentioned, we know that the vast majority of sales of food are placed in a number of food additives, mainly play a better role, protect the normal food taste and color, fold-cyclodextrin is one of them, a lot of enterprises in order to ease of use, during later with a large number of wholesale form, in order to guarantee the performance of the cyclodextrin times his normal play the storage how to make it?
Betacyclodextrin show to everyone trait is white crystal or crystalline powder, so in order to protect it during storage performance is certainly ready for extreme. According to our experience in the treatment of Betacyclodextrin storage problems on this matter needs to be done is to ensure tightness also need a dry place to save, so as to protect the use of performance during the times he cyclodextrin does not affected.

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