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Hydroxypropyl times he cyclodextrin for loratadine what role

2020-01-18 16:47:12 Xinda Biotechinology Read

Many drugs because hydroxypropyl times he cyclodextrin auxiliary use a lot less side effects and increase the efficacy of the drug, in fact, all this is because the correct use of the basic hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin of can hydroxypropyl times he cyclodextrin is a kind of basic neutralizing or play a role in the decomposition of materials, specifically hydroxypropyl times he cyclodextrin for loratadine use it will play What kind of role to do? See details Shandong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. of it. Hydroxypropyl times he cyclodextrin can come into contact with the skin, for some allergic drugs, itself, is to have some side effects, so that the hydroxypropyl times he cyclodextrin is applied to the base of the anti-allergy the drug, in fact, is a kind of loratadine to treat allergic rhinitis, seasonal rhinitis, skin allergies, nettle disease and allergic asthma and other allergy drugs, but loratadine is difficult to dissolve , so it is not well absorbed, for hydroxypropyl times he cyclodextrin loratadine auxiliary use to do basic compatibilizer effect and improve the effect of the drug.

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